Because brands are better when they are remarkable.

who blogs?

I am one of Robson Dowry’s Senior Designers, having been here for around eight years, after learning my trade in several different cities in England and Scotland.

My lively identical Arsenal-supporting twin boys keep me on my toes a lot of the time, although I do manage to squeeze in a bit of walking, cycling, photography and travel (and socialising). Just about the only thing that gets me riled is abuse of the poor apostrophe.


Hello, my name is Hilary. My critical role within the company is chief biscuit-buyer… sometimes I do a bit of design!


A new addition to the team at Robson Dowry as Senior Artworker, having spent the last 14 years in Bristol agencies, I enjoy the technical side of things. Can’t beat reading a book on CSS or coding before bed…

Been there, done it and got the designer T-shirt, over 30 years running a design business – remarkable!


I’m Lidia and I started working as a Junior Designer at Robson Dowry in Feb of this year. I moved back to Bristol after gaining a degree in Graphic Design in Madrid. Being English and Spanish, I have always come and gone between both countries, but am currently loving being back in the UK.


I’m Tony Grady, Senior Design Associate here at Robson Dowry. I’ve spent the past 20 years working both in agencies and as a design manager within industry and the Public Sector… so I’ve an insight into both worlds.

The journey to where I am now started at the University of Westminster where I studied Graphic Information Design. There began a strong belief in the transforming nature of design, typography and information design that has stayed with me ever since. So this is me – part observer, part critic, part campaigner.